The geekiest, nerdiest, awesomest imaginary battle ever filmed

You play video games every single day of your life from the moment you pick up your first video game controller. Watching various pixels explode right before your very eyes, seeing blood spurt from your 100 headshots, it would give anyone a gamer chub. Now what if your playing against a friend and their taking you straight to “pwnd” town by bullet train? It makes you just wanna rip that gun straight out of the game and shoot them with it. These two “friends” decided to take the childhood game of imaginary “shoot um’up” one step further and try to actually shoot each other (with special effects).

Those clips are loaded.

Directed by James Chen, Ode To Action is the result of going to bed with all the action movies and games, waiting nine months and birthing a masterpiece. You can’t find a weapon do what these two did and pull the weapons straight outta their minds. This hilariously done mini-movie has everything you could hope for in an tribute to all things action:

Mildly NSFW it gives everyone easter eggs from the best of the best. Star Wars, Halo, The Terminator, District 9, they all have their moment in this geekiest film since Fanboys. Chen took the best parts of everyone favorite franchises, tossed them into a melee of violence, added some friends and created a masterpiece that fits perfectly into six minutes.

Next time you get again at your friends don’t point a finger gun at them, you never know what they’ll be packing in their pocket.

Via: Blastr

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