LOL: Japanese Kids Going Nuts Over A Happy Meal Toys


He Really Loves SpongeBob!

Who wasn’t excited to get a Happy Meal from McDonalds, especially when the toy that came with it was from a show or a movie that you liked. Hell, I remember just a few years ago that I kept switching out my happy meal toy just so that I can get a Donatello figure as they kept giving me a Strawberry Shortcake dolls (I know I got boobs but they are man boobs).

There’s a video that just hit net recently which is making some folks laugh. The video is a Japanese McDonalds ad that is advertising the upcoming Happy Set (Happy Meals in Japan) toys, which is a bunch of talking SpongeBob SquarePants stuff. Watch as the moment SpongeBob talks, the kids go ape shit.

Seriously, they may be over reacting but we all had these moments where we got excited over the smallest things. So check the video out as it will either freak you out or make you laugh and see if it brings back any memories when you were excited over the toy you got from any fast food chain.

Via Alafista

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