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Modern Times, a short film that’s been floating around the web for a few months but that only recently came to our attention. Created by Bruce (BC2010) it’s a beautiful little film that shows how talent trumps money every time. While the big guys continue to batter the public over the head with over used or nonsensical 3D effects and big money stars, individually talented people bring us surprisingly wonderful films with soul like Modern Times.

I love the little touches in this film. The book he is reading is “The Making of Kubrick’s 2001” by Jerome Agel. The short film has that 2001 feel to it and it’s a nice little nod to a groundbreaking Stanley Kubrick film.

The use of the Charlie Chaplin film Modern Times is another interesting choice. Modern Times was the last silent movie made by Chaplin. At the time most movies being made were “talkies” and Modern Times was seen by many as Chaplin’s attack against progress and the advent of the machine age.

It’s these kind of touches that add bottom to this little piece. If only the big boys would take note. “Sigh,” I guess not, their to busy with their latest technological toy to bother with story, characters, pacing, and depth.

So Charlie cries.

Via: Quiet Earth
D.O.P: Richard Mountney
Lighting and Camera assistants:
Simon Mountney, Tom Mountney and Robin Mair
Film Excerpts and Music used under a strictly non-profit basis.

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