Star Trek Girl – Phasers Set on Cute

MY WEEK IN VIDEOS . . . I’m on a video treadmill here.  “Oh, Oh, Oh, she’ll be your Star Trek girl” . . . damn . . . that’s not getting out of my head for weeks . . . maybe months.  Cute and quirky really racks up those YouTube views and Meekakitty has both in droves.  Even though this is a little rough in spots and thank the Lord above for Auto-tune, by the end of the week it’ll have half a million hits.

Meekakitty is that popular.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been watching these video blogs of hers for a while now.  I’d have to give up my “dirty old man” card if I didn’t.  She does these great “multi Tessa” videos where she talks to each other.  She’s lots better at that than most of the other video bloggers that try it.  Let’s go to the video before I write something old man creepier than I already have.

The song is available on Itunes

Meekakitty . . . My one request . . . you have to rock an original Star Trek Mirror Universe bare midriff mini skirt costume.

Via: GeeksareSexy

Bonus videos after the jump.

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