Nothing Like A Little Harry Potter Humor


CollegeHumor can always be counted on to get us through the day with our daily dose of laughter.  They recently posted a video showing us how it would be in real life if the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series was real and children had to use it to decide who they will be in their middle school and high school lives.  Looks pretty accurate to me, cliques haven’t changed too much since I was in school.  Except now the vampire freaks are sometimes considered cool.  If that was the case when I was in school, I would have been the most popular girl.  Check out the video.

Where would the sorting hat have put you in school?  If you’re still in school..grow up.  It’s way past time for that.  Since we’re in the Harry Potter vein, check out this funny Facebook thread that mixes the two best thing.  Harry Potter and Yo mama jokes.  After the jump.


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