Trail and Carmen collage

So remember back in your younger days how you spent countless hours on your schools computer “learning” by playing Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego?  Well get ready to live those days all over again and jump for joy because both classic games are coming to Facebook next month!

Oregon Trail was created by Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger back in 1971 as a learning tool for a history course (so I think I totally missed that while I was constantly busy dying of starvation or dysentery while playing!).  And Carmen Sandiego came our way back in 1985 (geez I didn’t think Carmen was that old!).  Well new life has been given to these old games and they’re coming our way starting Feb. 7th (Oregon Trail) and then Carmen Sandiego comes our way Feb. 9th!  Okay, seriously how excited are you guys?!!

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