Ten Cartoons Ready for a Reboot


Saturday morning, a bowl of half eaten Captain Crunch cereal, Spiderman footy pajamas, watching cartoons.  Those were the days.  Well . . . really that was last weekend.  HEY!  As long as they keep making Spiderman footy pajamas in my size I’ll keep wearing them.  So the big thing in Hollywood these days is to dig through our past to find small nuggets of goodness to reproduce/repackage/reboot today.  Name recognition in the market is king these days.  If something has fans and at least everybody has some idea what that thing is, then you don’t have to spend as much to market it.

I figure if Hollywood is gonna reboot everything from the past before they take a chance on something new, than I could at least help them out with a list of some cartoons that I think are ready for a reboot.


Thundarr the Barbarian:

The year, 1994: From out of space comes a runaway planet, hurtling between Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction.  Man;s civilization is cast in ruins.  Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn . . . A strange new world rises from the old: a world of savagery, super science, and sorcery.  But one man bursts his bonds to fight for justice!  With his companions Ookla the Mok and Princess Ariel, he pits his strength, his courage, and his fabulous Sunsword against the forces of evil.  He is Thundarr, the Barbarian!

This series has some real potential.  There is a Spartacus type story of Thundarr’s escape from the arena, how Thundarr gained the Sunsword, met Ookla and Princess Ariel, all those stories without even getting to the old style traveling the world stories.  All set in a futuristic apocalyptic Earth that hints at the past.  Want to tackle a tough social issue of today?  Just throw it into Thundarr’s world and see how he and his companions handle it.  I really think a modern look at this series would really work well.


Space Ghost:

Galactic cop with space superpowers.  Amp the villains up, throw in some other Space Ghost cops and let them duke it out in the furthest reaches of space.  Forget the humorous monkey and make Blip some kind of space monkey with intelligence.  Throw a couple rookie cops in (Not brother and sister this time) and roll with it.  With the Green Lantern movie coming out . . . jump on some coat tails and ride it to the bank.


Blue Falcon & Dynomutt:

Yeah, Blue Falcon was pretty heavily influenced by Batman an the series really went for the “Ha-Ha” of crime fighting.  Kinda hard not to in those days, but there is a great opportunity to make something great.  Blue Falcon as the inventor that can’t sit on the side lines while his creation (Dynomutt) fights crime.  Throw in lots of gadgets, some real world crime issues, and a healthy dose of violence.


The Herculoids:

“Somewhere out in space live The Herculoids…Zok the laser-ray dragon! Igoo the giant rock ape! Tundro the tremendous! Gloop and Gleep, the formless fearless wonders! With Zandor their leader, and his wife, Tarra, and son, Dorno, they team up to protect their planet from sinister invaders! All-strong! All-brave! All-heroes!! They are The Herculoids!!!”

Each episode was pretty much the same, aliens come to the planet, fight with the Herculoids, get beaten off the planet, and everyone laughs.  I say take this back with some serious looks at why the hell every alien group is trying to take over this planet.  Let’s see more of Zandor’s kingdom, all I ever saw was caves.  Why do the Herculoids fight for Zandor?  Where were all the others like them?  Were they some kind of super science from Zandor’s people?  Did Zandor not understand the barter system?


The Roman Holidays:

This was the Jetsons or the Flintstones set in Rome during the Roman empire.  Going for the yucks.  I say go back and do it All in the Family style.  Show what Roman life was like for each class from the Royals to the slaves, from what they ate to how they pooped.  This could be history lessons without hitting you over the head with it.


Battle of the Planets:

The Battle of the Planets adaptation differs significantly from Gatchaman. The difference is due to heavy editing made to make the show appealing to the audience in the United States by removing controversial elements (i.e. graphic violence, profanity and transgenderism) while adding elements reminiscent of the feature film Star Wars, which was popular at the time. In fact the name “Battle of the Planets” was an attempt to associate itself with that popularity of Star Wars (Battle vs. Wars and Planets vs. Star). While the original Gatchaman was earthbound, dark-toned, and environmentally themed, the adaptation morphed it into a kid-friendly outer space show with robot characters.

OK, Let’s once again bring back all the good stuff that was cut out of the adaptation and amp those up.  Five scientifically altered young people to protect the planet.  Lot’s to work from there.  Are they really human?  Do they drink the government Kool-Aid?  Lots of space battles, kung-fu, weapons, transforming, and teenage love interests.  Why hasn’t the WB snapped this one up yet?



Wait, too late someone already has this one in the works.

Nicktoons is bringing Voltron Force the animated series to TV in the fall of 2011. The series follows the exploits of a group of five young cadets brought together under trying circumstances to form a newly appointed Voltron Lion Squad dubbed the “Voltron Force”. Voltron Force is a World Events Production in conjunction with Kick Start Production.


Star Trek –  The Animated Series:

Nicktoons is bringing Voltron Force the animated series to TV in the fall of 2011. The series follows the exploits of a group of five young cadets brought together under trying circumstances to form a newly appointed Voltron Lion Squad dubbed the “Voltron Force”. Voltron Force is a World Events Production in conjunction with Kick Start Production.

With the reboot of the movie franchise why not take a crack at the animated series as well.  This series reboot could be used to fill in the time between movies, back stories, take the alien view points, lots to work with, lots of stories to tell.  Think Star Wars: Clone Wars for Star Trek.



John Blackstar, astronaut, is swept through a black hole, into an ancient alien universe. Trapped on the planet Sagar, Blackstar is rescued by the tiny Trobbit people. In turn he joins their fight for freedom against the cruel Overlord who rules by the might of the Powerstar. The Powerstar is split into the Powersword and the Starsword. And so with Starsword in hand, Blackstar together with his allies, sets out to save the planet Sagar. This is his destiny. “I am John Blackstar”.

OK, this one kinda sounds a lot like Thundarr and many people think it was heavily influenced by the Thundarr series.  I think it’s more like Buck Rodgers the Barbarian.  Damn, maybe that should be a cartoon series.  Wilma (Erin Grey) in a furry bikini with a sword . . . damn I’m there.  Take this to an adult level and roll with it.


Conan the Barbarian:

They pretty much wussified Conan with this series, no Belit or pirates, no womanizing, no thieving, no real killing.  So we reboot it with ALL those things!  Just think about what the animators of today can do with Thulsa Doom’s magic.  Let’s look at Conan the mercenary, the time with the coastal pirates.  There’s lots of great stories to go with here.  I would love to see the comic book series Conan the King turned into an animated series.

So there you have it. My list of forgotten cartoons that could be given the reboot treatment. What cartoons would you like to see get rehashed?

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