CW Jumps on the Zombie Band Wagon

Zombie’s are the new vampires – which were the new werewolves – which were the new alien monsters – which were the new something or other that we all loved and used to be scared of.  I guess it’s time to take the favorite scary monster of my youth and make them sparkle and give longing emo looks at the humans they are about to eat.

With The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural under their belts, the CW is looking to dig up another monster fave: zombies.

The CW is developing an hour-long drama Awakening, about two sisters who fighting amongst themselves just as a zombie outbreak begins. William Laurin and Glenn Davis, whose credits include NBC’s The Listener and Lifetime’s Missing, wrote the script for Reveille, the production company behind The Office and Ugly Betty. Reveille took the script to the CW; the network is still considering if they want to order a pilot.

Zombies are everywhere these days.  Expect to see lots more as shows like Awakening popping up in the aftermath of AMC’s The Walking Dead, which drew some of the network’s best-ever ratings.  NBC’s Community Halloween episode turned the cast into zombies was a season favorite with fans.

I’ll give it a shot, as long as there is no zombie love interest.  Let’s just leave those to Romero Fan Fiction.

source: TVGuide

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