‘Law and Order: Fairytale Division’. ” In the fantasy criminal justice system the Grimms are represented by two seperate, yet equally important groups. The orcs who investigate crimes and the distract wizards who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories”. Now, that’s a cop show I would watch! Actually, I have to omit something. My guilty pleasure is Law and Order: SVU, namely because of Detective Elliot Stabler. If not solely for his forehead. It amuses and entrances me.

While Law and Order is NOT doing another spin-off of it’s long running crime series, NBC is pushing the envelope on the cop genre. They picked up some show called “Grimm”, a pilot in which cops interact with characters inspired by Grimm fairy tales. We’re talking Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rapunzel and about 200 more. Uh…what? Are studio execs even trying any more? I imagine the the board meeting went something like this:

NBC EXEC.:  *snorting cocaine of a hookers ass* “We’re being criticized for relying too much on Cop shows. It’s just variations of the same thing. We need something different. I need a new idea or I’m eating someones child. I’m an Executive. I do crazy shit like that. Whaddya got?”

Creative Department: “uhhhhhhh, how about a show about two cops who are chummy with fairy tale characters?”

NBC EXEC. *Shoots hooker in the head and kills her*: Brilliant! Now get rid of this hooker and fetch me a rack of Chilis Baby Back Ribs…. with BBQ SAUCE!”

Am I the only one here who’s going call bullshit here and say this is a total rip-off of DC/Vertigo comic Fables and “Powers”? “Fables” takes place in a world where all the fairy-tale characters live in exile in Manhattan (well in a secret corner of Manhattan called Fabletown.) The Big Bad Wolf is the sheriff and Snow White the mayor. And “Powers” takes place in a world with super-heroes and focuses on two cops who specialize in cases involving super-heroes. Is there no such thing as originality anymore? Oi, NBC it’s not enough you rip stories from the headlines, you gotta go and rip from comics as well. You dirty, dirty hooker you!

For the rest of you who think this sounds fun, different, and interesting. It comes from  Angel co-creator David Greenwalt and the show’s writer Jim Kouf.

I’ll admit (regardless if the idea is not original) that the concept does sound promising, but will it hold up?

source: Deadline

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