New Guitar Hero Score Set By A Woman

Annie Leung

You think it’s all “rock out with your cock out” playing ‘Guitar Hero’, not anymore it isn’t. Rock still has long hair and make up of the eighties did but it’s on an actual woman now, and not Twisted Sister. It doesn’t hurt either when you’re not only crushing sexual stereotypes, but setting Guinness record for the highest score in the world on a game that makes people think they can actually play guitar.

25-year old gamer Annie Leung set the bar high on September 20th, 2010, putting all of us men to shame. She annihilated and set the score (for women) at 789,349 points on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, finger tapping her way to success playing “Through the Fire and Flames” set to “Expert”. Makes all those hours of playing “Freebird” seem like wasted days now doesn’t it?

High score, Hot girl, no chance for you even on easy.

Via: You bent my Wookie

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