New Spiderman Pictures and Video on Set!

Spiderman, Spiderman
Does what ever a spider can,
sticks his butt way up high.
Makes the girls point and sigh,
Look out, here comes Spiderman’s rump,
Wow, that’s tight and nicely plump,
There goes the Spiderman!
Wait . . . that’s just Kim Kardashian in a Spiderman suit.

Personally I like the costume design of the new suit in Marc Webbs’ upcoming Spider-Man reboot. It’s sleek, while still nodding to the past.

I know there has been a lot of set photos and videos coming out of the Spider-Man set, but this is one worth watching. It features Spider-Man actual footage of Spidey swinging through traffic on a wire. Also, looking at the video confirms that Penske Truck Rental won the truck rental placement battle.  Unlike the musical stage crew, the filming crew could get the stunt man off his wire in much quicker.

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