New Venom’s Identity Revealed!


The Spider-Man villain Venom has consistently been one of the most fan favorites since his introduction. That very fan love for the character caused him to be shoe-horned into the disaster that was Spider-Man 3, but despite that, the love for him continues.

Starting this year, there is a Venom in town, working for the government in very secretive and black-op scenario’s. But, along with a new job, Venom also has a new host, and it is someone Spidey readers know very, very well.

Beware, spoilers abound below the jump!

Launching in March 2011, the new Venom series by Rick Remender and Tony Moore will show what life is like for the new host of the Venom symbiote, Flash Thompson! According to Remender and Moore, this will take readers all over the Marvel Universe and be full of espionage, secret missions and life and death decisions for Thompson.

Given the difficulty controlling the nefarious symbiote, our protagonist’s mettle is well tested. Our focus isn’t the suit; it’s the man inside the suit and the sacrifice he makes by wearing it. To me, the character is a hero going in, what will the suit do to him, and will he comes out a hero, remains to be seen.”

The story with Venom is a long one, but here’s the Coles Notes version:

It all started wayyy back with Spider-Man getting a new black costume during the Secret Wars. The black costume allowed Spidey to morph his clothes and didn’t need him to make web fluid, but made him edgier, and a lot more emotional. Eventually, it was discovered that the suit was a parasite attempting to permanently bond with Peter Parker, but Parker would have none of it. But, the suit wouldn’t let him go!

Thankfully, through the sonic sounds of church bells, the symbiote separated from Parker, but was pissed off. It found another soul, Eddie Brock, who was also angry and Parker and Spidey, to become one of Spider-Man’s fiercest enemies: Venom.

Over the years, they fought and even became allies when occasions arose (such as when Venom’s spawn, Carnage, joined with serial killer Cletus Cassidy). But, like all things, it was not meant to last forever.

Brock eventually found out that the constant anger the symbiote made him feel actually caused him t get cancer. So, in a ditch effort to get money for a cure, he almost killed himself being separated from the symbiote and sold it to the highest bidder – Mac Gargan (AKA The Scorpion).

Gargan was more ruthless and insane as the new Venom than Brock ever was, which made him even more dangerous. But, while in prison after the fall of Norman Osborne (loong story), the symbiote was forcibly removed by the government and given to Thompson.

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