Greatest fan-made lightsaber battle ever gets even BETTER sequel

Ask any nerd what the greatest lightsaber fight of all time is and they will tell you to check out the “Ryan Vs. Dorkman” fan films. Nerds. Master choregraphers.

There are three videos here Ryan vs. Dorkman, Ryan vs. Dorkman 2, and the most recent film is Ryan vs. Brandon. The first two became pretty popular and received attention for there intensity. Ryan vs. Dorkman 2 was actually named #2 in Time magazines top 10 best fan films of all time. Ryan vs. Brandon ended up winning’s third Lightsaber Choreography Competition.

LucasFilm thought these fan films were so awesome that Wieber was offered a job. Doing what? I dunno. I was just told he got a job with LucasFilm. How cool is that? Makes you think the same can happen to you. Only probably is, you are so not as talented as these guys. Watch the three lightsaber battles below and tell me otherwise.

I’ve actually met these guys, they’re pretty awesome. They say the #1 tip in staging your own lighsaber battle is to “Look eye. Always look eye”. Yes, they pulled a Mr. Miyagi quote on me. They say the worst thing in fan lighsaber battles is when the moves are telegraphed by persons eyes looking in the direction of the next move that is coming up. The eyes and hands are going into move ‘B’ when move ‘A’ hasn’t been finished yet. Lock eyes and let the moves flow smoothly. Just something to think about next time you and your friends play make believe.

“Ryan vs. Dorkman” 1 and 2 AFTER THE JUMP

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