Those that haven’t watched BBC’s Being Human or it’s North American cousin of the same name don’t know what their missing. The dramatic series of a Vampire, Werewolf, and a Ghost living together under one roof screams porno, but instead is a cultural hit. Last night, the Red Button service on BBC3 delivered an interesting postscript to the new episode of the original British version. A character introduced in the new series, the forty-six year old vampire Adam, trapped in an unaging fourteen year old body, got his own spin-off series. Set in a high school, with matching werewolf and ghost to boot, Becoming Human is a more teenage look at life for the supernatural.

Tests, girls and being dead, just what you need before finals. With these characters being so young however it’s highly debatable as to weither or not the show will be as adult as it’s Senior series.

It’s on the BBC website, which means its region locked and we can’t watch it. Thankfully, that’s where Youtube comes in to save the  day.

Watch it while you can:

Just when you though highschool couldn’t get any worse, a trio of supernatural beings moves in.

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