I have been a “Singing Shatner” fan for a long time, ever since I first heard Tambourine Man on Dr Demento’s radio show.  (Damn that really puts me squarely in the Old Man section of Nerdbastards bleachers.)  Throw in some Nimoy singing about a Hobbit and your golden.  Everybody these days is trying to slip a little Shatner into their shows.  Check out the clip of the “Shat” (That’s what the hip “Singing Shatner” super fan calls him these days.)  AFI Lifetime Achievement show for George Lucas after the jump.

Now “Shat” is moving into the world of Heavy Metal, that head banging, guitar thrashing world of Zakk Wilde. If you have a sneaking feeling you have seen Zakk before it could be from his role as “Ghode”, guitarist of the fictitious metal band Steel Dragon from the Mark Walberg (Say hey to your Mom for me!) movie Rock Star. Don’t act like you don’t watch that movie every time it comes on TV during weekend afternoons.  After all, naked Jennifer Anniston is NAKED Jennifer Anniston.  Zakk also appeared on the TV show Angel in the season four episode “The Magic Bullet” where he plays acoustic on the song “Mandy” while Angel and Conner sing along.

OK, there is this video of “Shat” and Zakk collaborating . . . I guess you could call it that.  Zakk plays guitar while “Shat” sits around watching a Packers game.  Damn, I can’t even fake a zinger, I want to sit around with “Shat” and watch a Packers game . . . Hell, I would watch Star Trek V, just to sit around with the “Shat”.  That is enjoying your pain and pleasure at the same time.

Now I do have some hope for this project.  Zakk Wilde can play the crap out of a guitar.  Throw in some “Shat” style yelling and I think you’ll have something worth listening to.

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