Books everywhere have been written on the possible future of a Zombie apocalypse, making people wonder the new age old question “What’s your Zombie plan?”.  From books like The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks to the Zombie Survival & Defense wikipedia, they’ve created a world of so-called “Zombie experts.” Yet, what if you don’t have the time to read pages upon pages of material, everyone should already know to take off the head, it’s obvious. Unless you want to become human jerky for the rotting undead how can you become knowledgeable in only 26 (slighty short) illustrated pages? The answer is simpler than knowing who George Romero is; and if you don’t, you might as well just coat yourself in honey and welcome those bloody teeth.

Only you can prevent becoming Zombie meat.

Coming from the mind of Adam-Troy Castro, Z is for Zombie is of course a literal A to Z of undead preparation. With illustrations by Johnny Atomic the book serves a range of topics like A is for Apocalypse, B is for Buried Alive, C is for Cannibalistic- it just makes you tingle with fright. After reading these gory little bits of information you’ll be buying a plot in Alaska for the day you see people rising from the Earth. Coming out next week, ‘Z is for Zombie’ is shaping up to be a welcome addition to anyone’s collection, right between those shotgun shells and sharpened katanas. As John Scalzi says, “It’s not the first alphabet book you’ve ever read… but it may be the last.

Are you prepared for the Zombie apocalypse?

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