First Look at Bucky in Captain America

Sebastion Stan

We finally get our first look at Bucky the “Robin-like” sidekick to Captain America.  The badass sniper buddy of Steve Rogers is played by Sebastian Stan (Rachel Getting Married, Black Swan).  Although the picture is kind of grainy, it depicts Bucky with a sniper rifle – which mean they are most likely depicting the newer, darker idea of the character. While Bucky was originally written as a rah-rah teenage sidekick, modern writers make him the the person who can take care of the killing that Captain America can’t, rather than the iconic teen character that was originally portrayed.

Here’s what director of the film Joe Johnston said about Stan:

Sebastian brought something really interesting and slightly on the dark side and really compelling to watch — when he’s on camera, you’re fascinated by watching him. In a great cast, I thought he really stood out and brought some unexpected things to the role. Everyone brought something to the movie and a lot of them brought something great but I was most pleasantly surprised by what Chris brought and what Sebastian brought in a much smaller role as Bucky.

Personally, I don’t really dig superhero movies that involve sidekicks.  They just end up being too cheesy, like the George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell duo in Batman and Robin, or Chuck Norris in Sidekicks.  Cheesy tends to work well sometimes if done correctly.  I’m hoping that this portrayal of Bucky and Captain America turns out well.

What do you guys think?  Is this going to be as good of a pairing as whiskey and coke??

Check out the photo of Bucky as well as some hydra soldiers and Red Skull before his disfigurement after the jump!

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