That’s right folks, Nintendo and Toys ‘R’ Us is giving you Pokemon masters a chance to have Ash’s Pikachu as part of your team and your collection!

From now through February 13th, bring in your copy of Pokemon Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver (with the in-game PokeDex unlocked) to a Toys ‘R’ Us to download the electrical rodent. What makes this Ash’s Pikachu you ask? Well, it’ll have a preset move list that consists of Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, and Volt Tackle.

This is all a promotion for the upcoming debut of the Pokemon Black and White anime that will be airing on Cartoon Network on February 12th, 9 A.M. Now, I never got the chance to do these special events to get Pokemon but I would have totally gone to these things as catching them all was something I was obsessed with… that and boobs.

Via Destructoid

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