Furthering my point that society demands information, communication and, in some cases masturbation in the quickest forms possible, comes ‘The Wrath of Khan in 60 seconds”. A condensation of the best of the Star Trek movies made with card puppets, made by Mawgan for Empire’s “Done in 60 Seconds” video contest. The animated abbreviation sadly captures the entire movie in 60 seconds of cuteness and charm.

As a said in a article earlier today “pretty pictures and few words” are whats cherished these days. Life is apparently too short to commit to anything of value. This is not to say the above video summary couldn’t work in some cases. Papercraft, helium fueled voices and some snappy animation would be particularly useful in crappy movies. Namely every Star Trek movie after ‘Khan’.

In completely unrelatable news. There is apparently some casting malarkey on Zach Snyder’s Superman reboot. With the recent casting of Henry Cavill as the man of steel, focus has been on what female star will fill the role of Supe’s better half, intrepid reporter Lois Lane. What may come as a shock, is that Miss lane may in fact NOT be in the movie? What!?

Variety reports that the studio is looking at a short list of three actresses to fill the role of an as-yet-undisclosed female lead character that they claim is not Lois Lane.

The three actresses in the running for that role are Alice Eve (She’s Out of My League), Diane Kruger (Troy, National Treasure, Inglorious Basterds) and Rosamund Pike (Pride & Prejudice, Doom, Barney’s Version).

Who is this undisclosed character? Again, it’s not Lois Lane… or could it be? Could Warner Bros. be trying to keep things hush? I don’t see the point in that, but it’s possible they don’t want to spread the word of Lois Lane yet. There is also the possibility of there being two female leads. We could have Lois and some other love interest, or female character. Perhaps a Lana Lang for potential Smallville flashback (from the life of young Clark Kent), or maybe even toss in his super-cousin Supergirl? We just don’t know. I’ll tell you though, a Superman without Lois would be stupid. She’s an integral element of the superman franchise. She’s essential.

So what do you think? Do you think it’s possible for Lois Lane NOT to be in Superman: Man of Steel? If so, what character do you speculate will take the lead?

sources: Topless Robot (Khan video) and Variety

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