It only takes a few words to sum a comic perfectly. It will either evoke a sense of pride, or groan of disgust; or it can be used as selling tools to those friends of yours who have a short attention span and haven’t listened to your plea in checking out good reading material.

Our friends at comicsalliance have taken this concept and given us quite a few samples of ‘renaming comic books as what you really say about them’. It’ll give you a good chuckle, or it will make you confront your naivety of how ridiculous some comics can be.

This ‘right to the point’ practice would be a great way to market comics. We are in a ‘read headline’ and move on society. Say as much as you can with the least amount of words as possible. That’s what most people want nowadays. Pretty pictures and few words. Not to mention the variant cover possibilities. Variants beckon nerd wallets. I’d shell out five 2-5 bucks to get a unique cover like this. Fuck, I’d frame em’.

here are a few of comicalliance samples of ‘what if’:

BONUS POINTS if you can name the original titles.

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