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What do the three woman pictured above have in common? 1. They’re all blond. 2. They have really great looking skin. I bet they moisturize. 3. They are up for a leading role in Zach Snyder‘s Superman reboot. Oddly NOT for the role of Supe’s woman, Lois Lane.

See, the other day the net was all a flutter with news of mysterious female role aiming to be filled for Snyder’s ‘Superman’. The reports were saying that Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike were being shortlisted to star opposite the recently cast Henry Cavill (I’m comfortable with my sexuality enough to say he’s a handsome man). for a role that was NOT Lois Lane, intrepid reporter/ love interest. This led to us believe that the character of Lois, essential to the Superman mythos might not appear in the film at all. Hogwash!

Latino Review reports that fans worried about female continuity needn’t worry, Lois Lane will be in the film and one can assume the list of actresses we reported on earlier this week are probably up for the role.

So, who’s this mystery ‘Superman’ female role? Latino Review is also exclusively reporting that those ladies are up for the role of a Kryptonian villainess named Ursa. Uh, General Zod’s bitch. That Ursa!

Whoa! Ain’t that interesting, thank you very much. As most of you know Ursa first appeared in the Richard Donner Superman and Superman II as one of the trio of Kryptonians, led by General Zod (You Will Kneel Before Him). They were imprisoned in this glass prism thing, a.k.a the phantom zone. They broke out. Caused some havoc on earth. Eventually defeated by some sort of plastic ‘S’ condom Supe’s pulled from his chest.

Now, what makes this interesting is that when you think of Ursa, you think Zod (Kneel Before Him). The two go hand and hand. This leads us to speculate that General Zod (Kneel) will indeed be in the film.

4 months ago news broke that he would be the main villain. However, that was debunked by Snyder himself. Could he have been lying? With all the mystery, it only makes sense. If he wanted to keep Zod (KNEEEEEL!) a secret then casting news for his goons would give it away.

At this time we do not know how much Ursa will play into the narrative. Could be a brief cameo.  A flash back, or something to plot out a second film.

Regardless, fan speculation will commence. Will we “Kneel Before Zod”?

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