Welcome bastards to a new installment of “Stuff You Want, Things You Need, & Everything You Can’t Have” (maybe this title needs to be bit shorter…) by yours truly, Eric aka geektrooper. Let’s keep it simple and sexy as I give you a rundown of some epic stuff from around the web during the week of January 30th to February 5th.

Thor Product Photo

Item: Thor Movie: Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Movie Masterpiece 1:6 scale collectible action figure by Hot Toys

If any toy maker is guilty of making a deal with the devil, it has to be Hot Toys. Last week, I spotlighted their Indiana Jones figure. This week, we got Hot Toy’s first release from Marvel Studio’s Thor. Can you fucking believe the facial sculpt on this figure?! If you don’t look carefully, you would think you were checking out a screenshot of Chris Hemsworth’s face. It’s THAT beautiful! Everything from Thor’s helmet to his iconic hammer comes with the figure. It even comes with Chris Hemsworth’s studdly man-beard. Expect it out in the summer 2011 (most likely after the movie release) and you can preorder one for only $169.99!

Where to buy: Sideshow Collectibles

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Singing Plush Set

Item: Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Singing Plush by Underground Toys

Who you gonna call?! Releasing in May 2011, Underground Toys will be releasing a cute assortment of electronic plush of our favorite tubby menace, the Stay Puft Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. Available in angry and happy variants, they plush plays the Ghostbuster theme song when you squeeze the belly. Unfortunately, crossing streams with your proton packs while blasting away at the plush will not cause it to explode into fluffy and sweet marshmallow goop. The only thing that will explode will be your house and most likely your face. Each plush goes for about $20.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth

Item: ThunderCats: Lion-O Mega Scale action figure by Mezco Toys

ThunderCats HOOOOO!!! With all the news and image releases regarding the new ThunderCats animation reboot, it is only natural for more toys to come out to go along with the hype. Standing at an incredible 14 inches (20+ with sword lifted), Mezco has created a pretty awesome Lion-O figure based on the original style animation. Incredibly tanned, Lion-O comes equipped with his trusty “Sword of Omens”, claw shield, and heavily conditioned red wavy hair. Mega Scale Lion-O is set to release in July 2011 and will cost ya around $35. HOOOOOOOOO!!!

Where to buy: Big Bad Toy Store


Item: Nintendo: “BA Select Start” Controller Lamp by Lamp in a Box

This is a bit of an oddity. “Lamp-in-a-Box” is a custom home furnishing company that produces stylized art deco furniture (kind of like the stuff you find at IKEA). LIAB has a long line of geek-related lamps and lamp shades, but this is a first for video games. My opinion is that this isn’t “licensed” what-so-ever with Nintendo America and looks like a fan-art of some sort by some bloke named Carlos Ramos, but whatever. It looks pretty cool. The lamp shade looks like the classic NES controller and you can buy just the shade only or complete with the lamp stand. You can get different bases based on what you like. There is a brass stand, clear plastic stand, and even one that looks like anal beads. I don’t think LIAB knows what they are actually selling, but it still looks cool. You can get just the shade for $30. Wow. That’s pretty expensive.

Where to buy: LIAB Store

Item: World of Warcraft: Alliance and Horde Collectible Coin Set by DC Direct

Plated in precious metals (24 karat gold, sterling silver, and copper), each set comes with three unique coins in a wooden showcase box. Pending on which faction’s coin you decide to buy, you also get a detailed commemorative metal plaque with you coin. Each coin is unique and features a different major leader from its respective faction on each side. Limited at 1,000 units worldwide, the set will cost you around $60-70 and will hit the streets at the end of August 2011. As cool as the coins look, you probably won’t be able to spend it at your local convenient store for 70 bucks worth of beef sticks and soda pop.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth


Item: Green Lantern Blackest Night: Indigo Lantern 1:4 Scale Power Battery and Ring Prop Replica Set by DC Direct

I am pretty sure the ladies would love this. DC Direct will be releasing the ninth release in their “1:4 scale Blackest Night Power Battery and Ring set”, with the release of the “Indigo Lantern”. Made popular by Indigo Tribe’s Indigo-1 and Atom during “Blackest Night”, this replica features a battery powered light (batteries required for a battery… go figure…) that is activated by a switch. Both the Power Battery and ring lights up and both sits neatly on a translucent acrylic display base. All this can be yours for only $35! However, don’t get confused by the scale and price. The Power Battery is only about 3 inches tall. It’s a bit small, but still quiet cool.

Where to buy: Things From Another World


Item: “Our Love is Like Luke & Leia” Star Wars themed Valentine’s Day Card by KerriannaDesign

Valentine’s Day is coming up very fast so I wanted to make sure to include something geeky to celebrate the holiday. Instead of trekin’ out to your local card shop, why not buy something a bit unique for your special somebody. Why not a geeky handmade Valentine’s Day card on Etsy that violates pretty much all copyright laws? This is the case with this hilarious and stomach turning card featuring a vector-style Luke Skywalker lockin’ lips with his sister, Princess Leia. Yikes! Inside the card, you find the message “So Wrong, Yet So Right”. This card might not be the best one to buy considering the seller is located in Brisbane, Australia, but I hope I can give you some alternative geeky ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you get a little something-something on Valentine’s Day night from your “ball and chain” while he or she HAPPENS to be dressed up as Slave Leia or a Jedi Knight, you can thank me later with cookies or Wookiee scalps.

Where to Buy: Etsy http://etsy.me/eRbKgN

Enjoy the picks of this week. Until the next installment of “Stuff You Want…”, you can catch me on Twitter (@geektrooper) and at my blog, igeektrooper.com

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