For those of you that come to nerdbastards to ‘get on to get off’ for latest and greatest in super hero movie news, we’ve got a trio of goodies that will tickle your nerd taint. Does the word taint bother you? In that case. Taint. Taint. Taint. TAINT! Perineum. That’s Greek for…. TAINT!!!

First– More set pics from Marc Webb‘s upcoming Spider-man reboot have surfaced. As per usual, it’s another gallery of Spider-Man in full costume doing whatever a spider does. This time though, we get a clearer look at ole’ web head. The costume lovingly displays every contour of his junk. Why is exactly does he have a black crotch. Well, you shack up with a whore like Gwen Stacy and you’re just asking for jungle rot. Just kidding about Gwen Stacy, she’s a saint. Aunt May on the other hand.


Talking further about the costume, it seems to be far different than the dirtied up, grungy and if I may say ‘bad-ass’ look we got from the official promo photo. It’s got some weird silver trimmings on the boots. Barely visible Spider logo on chest and back, as well as undefined webbing lines in red portion of the suit. And, those gloves. While concealing web-shooters (that’s a plus) they are poised for epic ‘jazz hand’ usage. Least not forget, the dirty crotch. Debate on whether this suit is pretty good or pretty terrible continues. Keep in mind, these are set pics. Costume in it’s rawest form. It could be glossed up with CGI, color corrected and so forth post production.

SecondBecause every kid in the world is going to want to look like an old man with cerebral palsy or a vagina faced fish, we have some Halloween costumes of Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Tomar-Re and Kilowog from DC’s upcoming ‘Green Lantern‘ flick coming our way.


Lame. Horrible. Why is Sinestro white and why the fuck is Green Lantern sparkling? *Sigh* Sadly, these costumes STILL look better than the Green Lantern trailer!


Thrid– In the following in-depth interview via comicbookmovie, Christopher Nolan talks about how he became involved with Batman, his reasoning behind casting Christan Bale and Heath Ledger, Anne Hathaway and more…

On What Drew Him To The Character Of Batman:

“I think I was interested in Batman because he’s not a superhero with superpowers. He’s an ordinary man who does a lot of push-ups. His money is his superpower, but he’s a real man driven by film noir motivations that I love — revenge. There are so many things you can do with that range. We’re about to begin our third film, simply because I find him such an interesting character.”

On How He Became Involved With The Movie:

“Well, my agent called me up and said Warner Bros. knew they wanted to do something with Batman, but they didn’t know what. Darren Aronofsky had been developing Batman: Year One for a while, but wanted it to be rated R and Warner Bros. didn’t think they could do that. When I thought about what hadn’t been done, it was an epic telling of his origin story. What I pitched the studio was what Richard Donner had done with Superman in ’78. Tim Burton had done his version [Batman] in his own idiosyncratic, gothic way, but the origin story of an ordinary world with Batman, this extraordinary character, in it, is what interested me.”

On How He Knew Christian Bale Was Right For The Role:

“I liked Christian a lot in American Psycho. He was mesmerizing and terrifying. But if you watch it again, you realize how funny it is. How funny he is in it. I had a great conversation with him at a restaurant. He’d only drink coffee, no food. I didn’t notice it immediately, but you could see his ribs from behind. He had lost all his weight for The Machinist. I left the meeting thinking, ‘This guy is Bruce Wayne.’ He understood incredible dedication to something. My big fear about him was that he’d want to be this 90-pound Batman. But he got the weight back on, then muscle. It was like a 100-pound swing.”

On Why He Chooses To Use More Practucal Effects Than CGI:

“We try to do as much in camera as we can. Even if there will be effects enhancement, we try to still get a lot in the frame. I think the audience has an innate ability to tell the difference between what’s shot and what’s animated. I don’t think that’s ever going to go away.”

On Whether He Was Always Planning On Maning A Sequel To Batman Begins

“Not immediately. We saw Batman Begins as a stand-alone film. The Joker card was just an exciting way to say it could carry on. But as the film came out, I just became fascinated by seeing that character in this world.”

On Casting Heath Ledger As The Joker In The Dark Knight:

“I think we had left ourselves with a pretty interesting jumping off point [with Batman Begins]. What was fascinating is that I got to cast Heath without him having read the script. His interest was based on conversations about the character of the Joker and what he would relate to as a force of anarchy. I watched the movie again recently, as we get ready to go into the third, and I really think the second half was a white-knuckle ride just driven by the unpredictability of Heath. What he figured out about the Joker in his performance that we never discussed is that unpredictability. You never knew where his performance was going to go, what he was going to do next.”

On The Casting Of Anne Hathaway As Catwoman:

“Selena Kyle. Yeah, that’s going to be fun.”

As Selena Kyle, Not Her Alter-Ego Catwoman?

[He answers with closed-lips, unwilling to say more, though he is willing to laugh about his silence]

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