Oh joy, another “reality” show to find out if someone can claim a title of something that would make them cool… in their own world. TokyoPop will be airing their America’s Greatest Otaku reality show on Hulu, February 24th.

The show will be eight episodes long as we follow TokyoPop  founder Stu Levy and his Otaku Six, who are on a mission to journey across America to find the greatest otaku. In order to promote the show, TokyoPop has started a contest where fans will show their otaku love to win some TokyoPop swag.  The daily contest starts today and will end this Friday.

Check the trailer posted below to see if this may be something you might be interested in. As for me, I’ll check it out just to see what it’s like as I already have assumptions about the show, such as, I’m sure the otaku has to be a huge TokyoPop fan to win.

Source: Japanator

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