The 1950’s were a strange time for the world, weird cars and science fiction running wild with all of it’s crazy crap. It was no stranger for DC’s resident solar powered hero Superman, getting his first live action treatment back in 1952. Even without any of the special effects we have today and the horror of Brandon Routh playing the man of steel, it still inspired people to go further with it. No better an example then what an animator of Disney did, with a bit of help, taking the flying wonder and naturally giving him the animated treatment. Giving Clark Kent back his glasses and getting rid of that Tom Welling look, he’s created a short film masterpiece.

Superman flies with pencils and storyboards

From Disney animator Robb Pratt, the hand drawn ‘Superman Classic’ takes the sci-fi element of Superman and gives it the 1950’s treatment. Taking queues from the early days of the franchise the under one-minute short, without credits, is just incredible. Referencing the early live action series, starring George Reeves, and architecture from Hugh Ferriss this could be quality work for a rebooted animated series. Pratt worked on such films as Tarzan, Fantasia 2000 and shows such as Kim Possible and The Replacements, this isn’t much of a departure of what he does everyday. Along with two others Pratt story-boarded, produced and even directed this animated short.

Robb must have some connections for this work, he even got John Newton to voice Clark Kent/Superman. Name ringing a bell, that’s because he starred as the young Clark in the 1980’s series The Adventures Of Superman. How’s that for talent?

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