Doctor Who Infographic

Much to my chagrin, I still have nerd friends who do not seem to know a frakkin thing about Doctor Who. The BBC Sci-Fi series has only been on for 50 something years. It demands your attention. Fuck, you should be embarrassed not knowing what a TARDIS or Timelord is.

Usually I’m far too upset with my quote-unquote nerd friends to calm down enough and explain, in-detail, the complexities of the time-traveling journey-man who saves the universe in his compact blue box.

Twitter user Bob Canada (can always trust a guy named Bob. #funfact) to the rescue. Bobby created this comprehensive guide to all eleven Doctors of Doctor Who, as well as his TARDIS and his literary fix-all Sonic Screwdriver.

Leave it to a handy dandy infographic to assist in fundamental nerd-ucation. Thanks Bob.

Click on thru the jump to see it in all it’s glory:

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