First off , this is the single grossest thing that has been seen; this week anyway. When most people are obsessed with a franchise they just collect the merchandise and pimp the product out like there’s no tomorrow. Some crazy few decide to take things one step way too far and go overboard with their fandom. Not even Nurse Joy is gonna try and fix this piece of pokehorror with a blow torch and bleach.

Gotta catch’em all

Pokemon fan Alex Finch must have a serious ‘harden attack’ (Pokemon fans know what that means) in order to get not one but six poke balls tattooed onto his forearm. That’s pretty nerdy in it’s own right and would deserve a swirly from your gym teacher after the jocks were done with you. Yet, Alex decided to level up and get sub-dermal implants underneath each poke ball, giving them a 3D effect. Thank God you covered your face in these full sized images because Alex’s sex life is just like his time playing Pokemon: hours away and he’ll never get past the bushes.

Check out this monstrous act against Human nature for yourself.

Via: Topless Robot

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