Kirby Krackle’s “Secret Identity” Made Into an Animated Video

Film’s like Kick-Ass inspired a surge of real life super heroes in various places all over North America. Ordinary people that got tired of seeing crimes unpunished or a cause being ignored. These people have been ridiculed by officers of the law and sometimes the very people they try to help, with no thanks or reward for themselves. Seattle based nerd rock band Kirby Krackle inadvertently pays tribute to the living hero, who has the ordinary job by day and lives behind the mask at night. Now they have another animated music video to accompany the costumed hero’s “Secret Identity”.

Do Super heros need an ID when they get arrested?

The third animated video, created by Besty lee, from the sophomore album Rated E For Everyone. If you haven’t already heard of the duo of Kyle Stevens and Jim Demonakos just yet, then watch this video and get your mind blown.

You can thank us after you’re done wiping your brains off the ceiling.

Via: Kirby Krackle Music

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