Meet Brendan and his mother. About two years ago, Brendan’s mother put in her debit card info on her son’s Xbox 360 so that he could have a Gold account. Apparently, Brendan went on some sort of spending spree in the last six months as he has racked up £1082.52 , or $1700 in Xbox Live charges.

So what does the mother do, she blames Microsoft for making it easy for her 11 year old son to buy so much stuff and asks for the company to reverse some of the charges. When a Microsoft rep was contacted to comment about the situation, he went on to say how this could have been prevented if they turned on the parental controls on the account.

First off, how the hell do you not notice all these charges on your account and let it go on for six months. Second, what the hell did he buy to rack up such a bill? Did he go off and buy like about 850 Rock Band DLC or just buy every single downloadable game possible?

If anything, it’s another one of those parent doesn’t want to take blame for something their kid did and wants to blame someone else for it. Hopefully, this lady learned her lesson and will actually watch what her kids does from here on out.

Source: Geekologie

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