Ah the Power Rangers; the single greatest costume wearing group of the nineties and instrumental in raising this particular bastard. That doesn’t mean that if I was to get into a bar fight today I’d yell “It’s Morphing time!” and suddenly become a kung-fu killing machine. It means waiting for each week to go by and being home, ignoring everything, for a half hour of colored costumes and megazords blowing shit up. Hell, can’t watch an episode now without getting all nostalgic over what most kids won’t even look at today. The only thing that got me was every season the rangers were color coded according to their race. The yellow ranger was Asian, the black ranger was African-American, the pink ranger was the hot white girl, and the white ranger was indeed a Caucasian male. Thankfully with the newest season on it’s way the studio has finally broken the color barrier.

Was Zordon secretly a racist?

With season 19 (!) soon to be airing on Nickelodeon it looks like the next team of helmet wearing heroes will be breaking the stereotypes of rangers past. Power Rangers Samurai will be updating the series with a new look for their team and no better then starting with what was a major flaw for every single season before it. No longer will a ranger be matched based on their ethnicity, so say goodbye to insensitive choices of the past and hello to the future. These new, politically correct rangers will even have new morphers and costume designs to match.

Check out this sneak peek of Nickelodeon’s newest cash cow:

What do you think of these new rangers?

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