Man, talk about persistence…the people of Detroit were shot down by their Mayor who told them that a statue of the beloved hero Robocop would not be erected in their city. Mayor, Dave Bing, had solicited ideas on the Internet for ways to help the revive the city’s image. As stated above, he was not pleased with the suggestion of Detroit’s beloved robot officer.  Well, in response to that the people of Detroit have said “fuck that” and rallied together to raise money for this very pressing matter.

They are attempting to spread the news virally through a facebook page, an official website and a KickStarter page which has at this time 5,399 of the 50,000 raised that’s needed for the project.

The hopes are to erect the statue at Imagination Station, an outdoor community media center and a rotating public art spacet on Roosevelt Park facing Michigan Central Station. The idea is that the statue would be created by a local metro Detroit artist.

Boy did that Mayor not know what he was getting into when he went into battle against an army of geeks with a love for the ass kicking and somehow still law biding cyborg cop.  It will be interesting to see if there determination pays off cuz this would be really cool to see.  So will you be donating to the Robocop fund??

Source: SlashFilm

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