Villains are the characters that fascinate us the most. So, it’s genius to have a comic-book that is solely from the bad guys perspective. This is probably why Mark Millar‘s Nemesis tickles nerd fancy, as it does just that. For those unfamiliar with the series, it focuses on sort of a negative Batman (all the money and toys, but none of the morality) who is the worlds only super villain.

Nemesis Movie-

Back in August it was announced that rights to make Mark Millar‘s  over the top villain centered comic ‘Nemesis’ had been optioned by 20th Century Fox with Tony Scott (Top Gun) wanting to direct. Millar recently flapped his gum’s about the project:

The Nemesis movie is the next thing we’re all starting to get quite excited about. Hopefully in the next few weeks that’s out with a screenwriter, and hopefully when the screenplay is done in a few weeks time, we can really get moving on that.

Now, the first real step in actually making a movie has been taken. Television writer Matthew Micheal Carnahan (brother to Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan) is one hooker and a can of Pepsi away from signing on to write a screenplay based on Millar’s comic. Caranhan’s work includes television series you’ve never watched: Dirt, Fastlane, Thieves, Trinity and so on.
Nemesis is rounding out to pretty savory ride, but is it sellable? The comic features attacks on the Pentagon, bombs on the President of the United States and the innumerable deaths of heroic characters like police officers. Eh, the terrorist will LOVE IT!

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