Movie studies having sequels written to flicks before their even released is all the rage these days. Why wait till opening weekend to toss some money around? Makin’ movies takes time, having something in the pipeline primed and ready to go is an efficient way to get your financial investment back fast.

Such is the case with ‘Captain America’. With the trailer for ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ airing superbowl weekend it was met with a positive response. Everyone who saw it got a tingle in their pants. Gauging response from the trailer alone Marvel Studios has gone and hired two writers to pen a sequel.  Latino Review reports that Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus, aka the guys who wrote the first Cap have been tapped to kick-start development on a sequel should The First Avenger be as successful as Marvel is anticipating. OK, this really isn’t surprising news, but you may wonder what can they do with sequel?  We know that after America’s boy-scout does some shit in WWII he gets frozen in the Antarctic to be defrosted some years later in the time of ‘The Avengers’. So, really… If Avengers is supposed to be an epic culmination, then how do you go back to singles movie? Just seems far to challenging. However, a sequel could  follow Cap sidekick Bucky Barnes, who later turn into the Soviet-controlled Winter Soldier, who is periodically activated through the decades between WWII and the present and eventually gets into some shit with Mr. red, whit and blue. Rocky IV with superheroes? That could work.

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