Zod, When Just Any Kitchen Design Won’t Do


KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!! . . . and check out that Italian marble kitchen floor.  Isn’t it to die for?  Zod Kitchens – Galactic designs, with Domination in mind.  This video really captures the essence that is . . . the greatness of Zod.  Just about every Interior Designer I have known would sound quite normal shouting, “Kneel before (Insert Designer Name here)”!

It surprises me that Zod went with the kitchen as his design focal point.  I would have expected him to go for bathrooms.  That is the male throne room of the house.

Just look at these testimonials I found on the Internet:

Mary and Jimmy Olsen:

“The designer came out, listened to what we wanted and beat my husband until we agreed to Zod’s kitchen remodel ideas. We are extremely pleased that no one was permanently maimed. If someone was going to remodel their kitchen, we would highly recommend Zod Kitchen’s, Can we get off our knees now?”

Aunt May:

“They brought in a strange crystal computer projector so we would see a 3D layout of what Zod’s Kitchen design would look like.

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