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So who would’ve guessed that Charlize Theron kicked more ass than Angelina Jolie?!  Apparently, this is the case since Theron just beat out Jolie for a role in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  Theron, is the newest addition to the cast of this Sci-Fi thriller which is already comprised of Noomi Rapace from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (a.k.a. the busiest chick in Hollywood that you still have probably never heard of!) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds).

So a big lingering question about this new film from Scott has been if it is still somehow attached to the original Alien films?  Earlier is was stated,

“The project has become something more original, an the Jon Spaihts draft has been reworked by Scott and Damon Lindelof. Scott says Prometheus has ‘a new, grand mythology and universe in which this original story takes place” and “the ideas tackled in this film are unique, large and provocative.’ Damon Lindelof has called the project “daring, visceral and hopefully, the last thing anyone expects.”

Originally, Prometheus was suppose to be an Alien prequel but with a new name came the idea that this was gonna be whole other animal so to speak.  Faassbender does his best to clear this up (in his own confusing way) by saying,

“There’s a definite connecting vein,. You realize you’re part of something else, but it’s definitely in keeping with the old ones.”

So what do you guys think…does this sound like something completely new or is this still basically gonna be an Alien prequel with a different title??  Check out the rest of interview with Fasssbener here.

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