Hate to be the one to break the news but  [Spoiler] Johnny Storm is dead, fighting aliens will do that to you. While it was sad for Marvel‘s first super hero family the Fantastic Four, it did attract major network attention. The last time something like this happened was the death of Superman and we all remember how huge that was (they actually had a funeral). While this wasn’t as big as a Superman death; the death of the Human Torch tugged at the hearts (and wallets) of readers nationwide. Yes, it’s sad but thanks to that “success” Marvel has decided to do it again, every single quarter of the year. Now would be a great time to make Lindsay Lohan a comic book super hero, making a thousand nerds dreams come true.

Place your bets world

David Gabriel, VP Sales at Marvel Comics has revealed plans to kill a main character every single quarter due to the success of the recent media coverage of the Human Torch’s death. Confirmed the news with Bleedingcool with the statement “this is not a joke” not only means your serious, that pretty much guaranties that they already have a few names in a hat.

Gabriel did however specify that these storylines are NOT about killing characters. What’s key is what comes AFTER the deaths. For example, after the Human Torch’s  death, Spidey joined the team and the concept of “FF” got an entirely new focus as Future Foundation.

Losing the sarcastic wit of the Human Torch and pretty much trading it for the wit of Spider-man would be considered a win. If these future deaths are only to improve on other stories, like this new Future Foundation, then they know what their doing over at Marvel HQ. Hell, Spidey got himself some new duds and a sweet payroll now as member of the new FF. They only way Marvel could screw this up is to follow the DC formula;wait a few months, make a clone or several replacements only to revive the deceased by the end of the year. Marvel’s too smart for that (we hope).

source: Daily Blam via Bleedingcool

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