THUNDERCATS – Abandoned CGI Movie Footage

Thundercats Hooo! (Again) So, here’s a little video that may or may not be actual test footage from Warner Bros. CGI feature film adaptation of the classic 1980’s animated TV series Thundercats

Flixclusive posted the following the other day:

So, this is kind of cool. I got a tip yesterday from an anonymous source that he had test footage of the Thundercats CGI-reboot film. Upon further questioning, homeboy sent over the footage, and it checks out (Warner Bros logo and everything). But before we get to the video, let’s go back to 2007, when Variety broke the news of the reboot. At the time, Jerry O’Flaherty, art director Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3, was to direct the movie. Then, in 2009, Movieline posted some leaked concept art of the film. As of now, the film has been put on hold, but a new TV series is scheduled to drop this year.”

This isn’t top quality CGI animation, it’s concept test footage after all. Well supposedly, again it might not be official. Could just be a spiffy footage that some talented nerd matched to the concept art. Regardless, watch the clip below for a look at what could have been:

Assuming this is legit. Lion-O as some kind of hipster joke cracking doofus?  I liked the action and the movement, those looked good.  Did they really capture the heart of Lion-O?  I don’t think so.

We dodged a Nerd killing bullet with that one. On the other hand, thumbs up if you think this looks better than the new Anime that’s coming out on Cartoon Network.

Click through the jump for some of the concept art from the CGI movie from Movieline

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