“Hello, American fanboys, look at your Supergirl,
now back to me,
now back at your Supergirl,
now back to me.
Sadly, she isn’t me,
but if she stopped wearing that tired Red, Yellow, and Blue Costume,
and switched to the Red, Yellow, and Black of Spiderwoman,
she could look like she’s me.
Look down, back up, where are you?
You’re in a cave with the woman your Supergirl could look like.
What’s in your hand, back at me.
I have it, it’s an over sized foam rubber boulder.
Look again,
the boulder is now an empty box holding your hopes and dreams.
Anything is possible when your woman looks like Spiderwoman
and is called Supergirl.
Now I’m a strange man wearing an over sized top hat.”

Indonesia- Where Supergirl looks like Spider-Woman, and men wear silly sized hats

OK, no one in their right mind would believe that the Indonesian “Supergirl” now showing on MNC TV produced by Soraya Intercine Films did not totally rip off the costume design of Marvel Comics Spiderwoman.  Just check out the original cover of Spider-Woman vol. 1, 1 (Apr, 1978). Cover art by Joe Sinnott.  Anyone have any doubt where the costume idea came from?

IO9 commenter Rossum translated Soraya Intercine’s PR agent’s response to allegations of plagiarism:

“Dewi refutes the accusations that Supergirl’s costume are a copy of the Marvel character Spider-Woman’s. “Oh, no not at all. Because the process of finding the costume is not necessarily like that. There’s definitely a focus. Actually, were were focused on the look of Cat Woman. The tightness of the outfit is the same – but Mano’s (*Mano is the actress) hair is straight this time. If there are still people who say we are plagiarists, just compare her shoes and her wings (*or arms). They’re definitely different” she said.”

Let’s forget about the use of the trademarked DC name Supergirl for a moment and just look at what the PR agent said about the wings and the boots.

That’s the Bowen Designs Spiderwoman statue from 2006.  Straight hair, just like the 2006 comic book character style, and yellow boots, just like the comic book style at the time.  Why bother denying it then, just rip it off.  What really gets me is that I am sure that some where in all that Indonesian culture and history there is a female character that could be used to achieve the same powers and story lines of Indonesian Supergirl.  I guess lazy is multicultural.

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