Attacked by the forces of Skeletor, Hordak and the Snake Men, Castle Greyskull is the rumored home of all the secrets to conquer Eternia and become the titular Masters of the Universe. The Fortress of Solitude to Prince Adam’s muscle toned alter ego He-man, a man who went toe to toe with a pre-crisis Superman. With all those secrets inside and a few guardians to protect it should be easy to get into something that looks like a giant skull. While the cartoons showed an impenetrable fortress, unable to be conquered, it’s real life equivalent is a different story. If Skeletor waited till spring on this whole taking over Eternia thing he would have won way sooner.

Balls bluer than Orko’s face

This more festive take on the most defended building in Eternia may be a little late for the holiday season but that doesn’t mean it can look awesome. The Castle Greyskull igloo built in Brooklyn, NY by artist Kilroy III (what happened to the other two)and some of his friends, with out the power of Greyskull. Yes, it has no jawbridge, but if you can get past the permanent O-face it looks awesome. As long as a kid doesn’t come out of there riding a giant green cat and brandishing a sword made of ice we should all be fine.




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