A rumor has surfaced, that in my opinion doesn’t make a whole lotta sense.  It has surfaced that DJ Caruso (Disturbia/Eagle Eye) may direct a big screen adaptation of the comic Preacher. John August (Go, Big Fish, Corpse Bride) penned the script which producer Neil Moretz has said will be the first of a series of films.” And the news gets even more strange, this will all be dependent on the first weeks’ success of his upcoming blockbuster, I Am Number Four.  For those of you who don’t know about Preacher,

The story follows an ex-preacher man, Jesse, who has become disgusted with God’s abandoning of His responsibilities. So Jesse starts off into the wilds of Texas with his hitman girlfriend and new best friend (a vampire) to find God so that he can give Him a piece of his mind.

The plot is what really has me questioning utilizing Caruso to direct this thing.  Now, while Number Four deals with Aliens and the Supernatural this is Caruso’s first time diving into something like that.  I could picture Caruso doing a different kind of Superhero movie like Spiderman or Superman (something not as dark); he’s great with directing action and capturing people’s raw emotions.  However, DJ directing a film like Preacher just doesn’t seem to fit.

Now I had the opportunity to catch an early screening of Number Four and it was tons of fun!  Lots of action and a really cool story to follow.  So if Caruso does end up directing this thing albeit strange, I still believe it would turn out well.  What do you guys think of this news?  And for those of you who know Preacher well, who do you think should direct this beast??

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