He may have no ears or a nose and is a dead ringer to he who shall not be named; Lord Voldermort, but is this cat any really different compared to his film double? Lord Voldermort is a bigger pussy, he can’t even kill a kid, he needs his litter to do that for him. This cat lost its ears and nose to skin cancer and may resemble his magic capable twin but he still has a heart of gold. Known by many as Charlie, he’s original owners abandoned him and he is now up for adoption.

My other wand’s a ball of string

Currently being held at a Blue Cross shelter in Southampton, England, this cat is just waiting for a home. With offers coming in from as far as North America for adoption Charlie shouldn’t be in there for much longer. Getting past the fact that he could stand in for the character played by Ralph Fiennes, the 14 year-old cat is a pet just waiting for a new owner. Maybe some crazed Harry Potter fan will adopt this innocent feline, telling people Voldemort was reincarnated as a cat just waiting for the next book to come out.


If your an animal lover and get past what most people are afraid of then maybe it’s time to get your first (or another) cat to join the family. If any of your cats has a lightining shaped scar though, I’d be careful.

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