Voltron Being Turned into a Video Game


With the power of 80’s nostalgia by it’s side, not to mention the power of THQ, Voltron will be coming in the form of a video game according to Variety. The franchise originally known to some as Goraion(5 Lions) tugged at the heartstrings of many  children, qhowatched as a giant robot tore various monsters a new lion hole. Rebooted for a spring 2011 release as Voltron Force what a better time to start milking this cash cow then right now. Getting to punch creatures with a hand shaped like a lion’s head, sign me up!

You stuck your tail where?

The mechanical space lions forming Voltron will be part of a “series” of video games, aiming to revitalize the franchise along with new animated TV show, slated to air on Nickelodeon this spring. There is no word yet on a developer, platform or release date it could just mean their blowing exhaust fumes out the ass. Variety says to expect giant robot lions later this fall, but rushing into a game with 7 months of production really isn’t a good idea. Good games take nearly a year to develop just in pre-production alone, if this were to tank then all your gonna be buying is a $60 scooper for the litter box.

Via: Kotaku

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