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Here’s your bit of movie speculation for the day. According to Deadline, Matthew Vaughn is keenly interested in adapting Jonathan Ross‘ yet to be published comic book about old superheroes who come out of retirement to aid their grandchildren. The film is rumored to be titled The Golden Age, a clever nod to the “golden age” of comics from the 30s and 40s. No stranger to comic book adaptions, Vaughn already brought us the simply kick-ass Kick-Ass and is following that up with X-Men: First Class, but is retired superheroes the next step? Movies like Red and The Expendables

And who does Vaughn want for his super-geriatrics? He threw out some old guys you might be familiar with; Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty. Toss in Helen Mirren and you’ve got yourself a solid cast. But even with a great cast and a script that would most likely come from Jane Goldman (frequent Vaughn collaborator, she scripted both Kick-Ass & First Class) would you be interested in a movie about old fart superheroes?

Comic books have had success with stories revolving around senior citizen characters, like Red which I’ve already mentioned. But it’s proven even more successful when we read about a character we’re already familiar with in the their golden years. Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, Mark Waid’s Kingdom Come and even the animated series Batman Beyond is evidence fans really dig their Batman old and crotchety. But it could just be an extension of Bruce being such a grumpy bugger whether he’s ancient or young and fit. It comes down to who these new superheroes are, and that’s hard to answer when we know almost nothing about the comic book.

Whose this Jonathan Ross fellow to have written a comic book no one has had the chance to even read yet? Well, you might be more familiar with him as a British television chat show host but he is an avid comics fan as well as writer. Deadline outlines his work in comics,

showcase old folks kicking butt and taking names and brings people to the theatre. That is, with the right names attached. Turf, Ross’s gangsters-versus-vampires comic book drawn by Tommy Lee Edwards, is up to issue 3 in its 5-part series published by Image Comics. Fans had to wait 4 months between issues 2 and 3 though, so many assumed it had stopped being published. Sales fell off sharply, says London comics store 30th Century Comics. Ross is also involved in monthly UK comic-book magazine Clint, which is currently running Mark Millar’s Kick-Ass 2, his comic book sequel

I’m not familiar with Turf but if a quality publisher like Image is behind it I’m sure it’s fantastic. Seriously, can they publish shit comics? ‘Cause I’ve never read one.

All in all, I’m intrigued by the plot and impressed with the creative talent behind The Golden Years. Will the movie ever get made, I don’t know, I know I’d see it but I’m one of those fanatics who’ll watch anything with a cape. What do you guys think, are you over old action heroes, or hell, superhero films in general?

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