Yesterday I wrote about my personal account at the NY Toyfair. In my account I mentioned how I could not get into the Mattel showroom. To view their products was by appointment only. I flirted, bribed them with candies and cupcakes, but alas they refused to let me enter. They pulled a “you shall not pass” on me. I’m particularly sour about not getting in, as the whole reason for my trip was to check out Mattel‘s fall/summer roll-out for their Masters of the Universe Classics Line. Briefly: MOTUC celebrates the He-man figures from the 80’s with monthly figure releases to Mattel’s exclusive collector website MattyCollector.com. The figures they roll out monthly are a homage to their original counterparts, looking essentially the same in design, but have all the niceties of today’s modern sculpting and detail. They’re really something.  Anyway, the line started about 2 years ago and about 50 figures have takin’ stabs at my wallet. I’ve collected everyone. Like many fans of the line, we itch to see what figures are around the corner. Again, I was unable to gratify my anticipation as I got kicked out the building. On the plus side, they booted me right in front of a hot dog stand. At-least my hunger was satisfied.

Well, purely for my self indulgence and for the rest of the He-Man fans out there in the bastards crowd, our friends from popculturenetwork.com were able to get a video walk through of the figures displayed at Toy Fair 2011.

Sy-Klone. King Hsss. Man-E-Face. It looks like I’ll be eatin’ wish sandwiches for the 6 months or so. What’s a wish sandwich? Two slices of bread and some mayo. You “wish” you had some meat in it. Suffice to say, I’m fairly excited and maybe a few of you might be as well.


Figures shown: Man-E-Faces, Clawful, Battleground Teela (from DC Comics Masters of the Universe #1), Faceless One (From 2002 cartoon series), Megator (from shelved Powers of Greyskull Line), King Hsss, Vikor (Early concept He-Man), Panthor, Battle Armor Skeletor, Bow and Preternia Disguise He-man (From mini-comic)

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