(article by nerdbastards contributor Sarah Moran @SarahThisIs)

We shouldn’t really be surprised if we see a lot more X-Men: First Class mash-ups in the days to come. It’s the biggest trend in home editing! With every new trailer released we ask ourselves, what other franchise can we dub this audio over? While some have been masterfully executed, Watchmen/Wall-E and Inception/Toy Story trailer mashes come to mind, others come off as poor attempts to combine two properties you love, whether they mesh well together or not.

Today we’ve got another one, Star Wars: First Class; montages from the Star Wars prequels with the X-Men: First Class trailer’s audio. Does it work? I find it too distracting hearing Kennedy’s voice in the Star Wars universe but maybe I’m not letting the fantasy string me a long. Whatever. Video is below, what do you think of the latest nerd world-smashing attempt at making the Star Wars prequels palatable?

(Sorry, couldn’t resist a little prequel bashing.)

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