I just don’t know what we would do without the internet….we most certainly wouldn’t have a statue of RoboCop coming our way, I’ll tell you what!  Just a mere week ago the people of Detroit rallied against their Mayor who said no to their proposition to have a statue in honor of the fictional super cop made famous by Paul Verhoeven’s film. Mayor, Dave Bing, had solicited ideas on the Internet for ways to help the revive the city’s image. As stated above, he was not pleased with the suggestion of Detroit’s beloved robot officer.  In the latest chapter of “The RoboCop Saga” it was announced that The Imagination Station offered a place for the statue, and a Kickstarter campaign was created to collect donations to cast a big metal Robocop. $50,000 was needed and in less than a week, $50,000 was raised. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

Here’s the latest update on Kickstarter:

We’ve reached the $50,000 goal with the help of many many supporters and a very generous contribution from Pete Hottelet at, but you can still contribute, so please keep backing the project. All the reward levels still stand, and we’re currently discussing how to branch this project and fundraising into bigger and bigger things with a better and better impact on Detroit. Thank you, everybody! Wow.

Doesn’t that just bring a tear to your cold nerd heart? It just proves that nerds and the internet know how to get shit done.

It’s kinda funny how art imitates life. In the Robocop flicks, the creation of Robocop was a necessary response to how horrid the city of Detroit was. History apparently likes to repeat itself.

Source: SlashFilm

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