If we learned anything from Zombieland it’s to appreciate the little things in life. Unfortunately patience is not one of them. No ZomCom has done the genre better than Zombieland. We want a sequel and we want it NOW.. right NAO!

Last we heard, a script was drafted and potential cameo’s were being mentioned. Seemed as if everything was staggering down the pipeline smoothly. Well, as smooth as staggering can be. However, it seems Zombieland 2 is further away than we  thought. An interview with Total Film, Woody Harrelson, who played the Twinkie-eatin’, Bill Murray lovin’, zombie killin’ machine Tallahassee in the first ZL, has expressed reluctancy. Doubts!? Indeed!

In talking to Total Film, Harrelson explains how he doesn’t feel like a sequel kinda guy:

I’m sure it will happen if everyone does it, but I’m not sure it’s the right thing to do. It’s one thing to do it when it came out real good and it made a lot of people laugh, but then to do a sequel… 99 out of 100 are worse by a lot. So I don’t know. I don’t feel like a sequels guy.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Harrelson might be right. Part of what made that movie so fantastic was its uniqueness. It’s funny and gross and totally awesome. The original was great as a standalone, original movie. Shouldn’t we leave it at that?

Besides, getting the original cast back together might be problematic. Both Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone are somebodies now. Stone hit it off with ‘Easy A’ and she’s playing Gwen Stacy in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. And Eisenberg? He’s rolling around naked in the bank he made with ‘The Social Network’. These two will have a lot more better offers down the road and if they do have interest in making Zombieland 2, they’ll ask for way too much money this time around.

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