‘Clone Wars’ Just Reached Ludicrous Speed!


I’m glad I was home alone when I saw the news about Chewbacca and Moff Trakin appearing on Star Wars Clone Wars this Friday. I got this really goofy smile on my face that I just couldn’t wipe clear. Yep, that’s Chewbacca we’re talking about.


Nerdbastards interrupts this witty, life changing article and instructs you to:

set your DVR to record Star Wars Clone Wars…We’ll wait.

You’re Back?

Before we go any further..WTF?!? You’re NOT already recording Clone Wars?

A representative of Lucas Films will be by in the morning to retrieve your Star Wars Fan Club membership. Don’t look him in the eye… Just hold out your membership badge.

Nerdbastards now returns you to your regularly scheduled article reading.

Not only are we getting the animated treatment of two great Star Wars characters we are also getting to hear Peter Mayhew do the voice of Chewbacca again!  That is all kinds of Nerd points to the Clone Wars Production team. Anyone else making rrrorrrww sounds now.

Mayhew has always been very outspoken about the Chewbacca character talked to Dave Itzkoff at the New York Times about how to make the character work: “When he’s mad, the eyes come open and the jaw starts working, and consequently you can’t do this unless you’ve actually got it on tape, to watch it, slow it down and animate it.” Chewy’s episodes see him crossing paths with Ahsoka Tano, and they’re called “Padawan Lost” and “Wookiee Hunt.

If that wasn’t enough to get every Nerdbastard out there glued to the TV set Friday’s episode of the Clone Wars features one of my favorite characters from the original film, Grand Moff Tarkin. “Captain Tarkin” will be interesting to watch.  Will that ambition and drive show through?  In Star Wars, Tarkin was a pretty insufferable, egotistical twat. He had to be pretty successful moving up the ranks to get that kind of swelled head.  I hope we see the beginnings of that in Clone Wars. The character, portrayed by Peter Cushing in the original film, (Peter Cushing was the original nerd monster geek out for me growing up.) locks heads with Anakin. Interesting, Might explain Tarkin’s thoughts about the Jedi while talking with Darth Vadar, “The Jedi are extinct, their fire has gone out of the universe. You, my friend, are all that’s left of their religion.”

From enemy to friends, strange universe.  Before I let you go I have to mention the Gentle Giant Star Wars Clone Wars Statue series.  I have a couple of these and highly recommend them to Start Wars collectors.  Great Stuff, and they look fantastic in the show case. Click the “Read More” to take a look.






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