Shane Black Supposedly Set to Direct Iron Man 3

Black-Iron Man

Do you like it black? Shit kid, go black or go back.

Memba how previous Iron Man director Jon Favreau left the franchise for greener pastures? Sad news, but it was understandable. The pressure of delivering fan and studio expectation on a third film would make any sane man run away with arms flailing.  Anyway, last week news hit the net that Shane Black was in the running to replace Favreau (one day I’ll learn how to spell his last name with out having to look it up). Well, Deadline is reporting that Shane Black is in final negotiations to direct Iron Man 3.

This is the man who’s written some pretty sweet flicks over the years, such as The Monster Squad, all the Lethal Weapon films, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The latter being one of the most underrated movies of all time. Black, is known for great story telling and eccentric entertaining dialog. In Kiss Kiss Bang Bang he actually had the main character – played by Robert Downey Jr.- break the third wall and acknowledge the viewer. This practice is frowned upon because it’s not supposed to work, but Black made it work, quite successfully I might add. Point is, he has a penchant for marvelous writing. Which makes you wonder. If he’s so good at writing then why the hell would he direct? Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was the only film he’s actually directed? Seems odd to put the movie in the hands of a one time director who is better known for his writing prowess.

According to the source, it’s actually unclear on whether he’ll direct or write. THR further says that the deal isn’t anywhere near done and that Marvel is looking at other writers and directors.

So, I’ll leave this to fan debate. Should this man be in charge of the Iron Man franchise?

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