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Jill Pantozzi (luv u Jill), known to many of us geeks as The Nerdy Bird is reporting that Telltale games is planning two new video games based on Bill Willinghams’s Fables and Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead! Here’s the official announcement from All Things Digital

Today, Telltale Games is announcing an exclusive worldwide publishing agreement with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to develop videogames for the comic-book series Fables, and an exclusive worldwide agreement to develop and publish a series of videogames based on the AMC cable network’s zombie hit The Walking Dead.

I’ll give you all a few minutes to collect yourselves from off the floor.

This is by far the best news I’ve heard all day. Telltale Games is the company responsible for the highly acclaimed Back to the Future and the recently announced Jurassic Park games. Their games are usually episodic and are download only. Telltale Games’ SVP of marketing, Steve Allison explains,

Telltale’s games are written as a narrative or a cinematic adventure and are divided into five separate episodes. Players download a new one every four weeks for a six-month period. A season pass for a game, including all episodes, costs roughly $35.

If downloading content really is the future (which it seems to be with download-able movies, video games and even comic books becoming widely available) Telltale may have a firm grasp on the market with such big titles on the way. Allison said they’re hoping to turn The Walking Dead into a, “$20 million to 30 million franchise,” which would be impressive for a comic book turned video game. Especially if that comic book doesn’t include a single superhero! Okay, I know Fables recently introduced some capes but it wasn’t until issue 102, so it doesn’t count.

If you haven’t read either one of these books, what’s wrong with you? If you haven’t heard of them I can only assume you’re dead or a member of one of those untouched-by-civilization tribes in the Amazon. The Walking Dead is the hottest “survive the zombie apocalypse” story being written today and Fables is about all our favorite fairy tale characters struggling to get by in our mundane world, namely New York City. I highly recommend both of these series, especially to comic book newcomers, but be warned that they’re both suggested for mature readers. The Walking Dead has already been adapted into AMC’s biggest hit television series and Fables is constantly being rumored to receive the same treatment. Now’s the time to hop on the bandwagon and start reading these a-fuckin-mazing series. You know you don’t want to be the only loser left out.

source: All Things Digital via The Nerdy Bird

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